Born 1981, Brantford, Ontario, CAN.


2016  MFA Currently enrolled at Concordia University, Montreal, CAN.

2001-2006  BFA Ontario College of Art and Design (O.C.A.D.University), Toronto, CAN.

Solo Exhibitions

2014          The Bassoonist, The Petrified Forest Gallery, London, CAN

2013          Either Way I’m Always #winning, The Painted Bird, San Francisco, USA

2012          If I Can Just Survive One More Night On Pervert’s Row, Topdown Bottomup, Vancouver, CAN 

2011          Fuck It, Fuck Art & Fuck You, Ctrl Lab, Montreal, CAN

2008          Rory Dean: Paintings, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, CAN                 

Group Exhibitions

2017         Canadians, Abject Gallery, Newcastle, UK.

2015         Blaque Lyte Bubbly, Outhaüs & Outhaüs Inn, Champaign IL USA.

                 Blaque Lyte Royale, Telephone Booth Gallery, Kansas City, MO USA.

2014         Moving Sale, TwoThirty Gallery, NY, USA.

2013         No Homo, PFOAC221, Montreal, CAN.

                 theresnothinglolaboutrip, Galerie Coatcheck, Montreal, CAN.

2012         Fandom, Gendai Gallery, Toronto, CAN

2011         Art Connects New York, NY, USA.

                 High Roller Society, Savant, London, UK

2010        Lovable Badass:Artists on Artest, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, CAN

                 The Unicorn, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, CAN

                 OCADU:Where They Are Now, Toronto, CAN

                 The Unicorn, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, CAN                                            

                 New Directions II: The Prophesy, Toronto, CAN

                 CLIMAX: Fundraiser&Silent Auction, Toronto, CAN

2008         Scope, Christopher Cutts Gallery, New York, USA

2007         Summer Splash, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, CAN               

2006         Blaze Days, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, CAN                     

2005         Graduate show, O.C.A.D. Toronto, CAN                                               

                 Basic Instincts, Spin Gallery, Toronto, CAN                                           

                 Drake Hotel, Toronto, CAN

                 The Art of the Figure, O.C.A.D. Toronto, CAN                                               

2004         Monkey See Monkey Do, Spin Gallery, Toronto, CAN                                         

                 Hinter Selections, Mind Control Gallery, Toronto, CAN                             

                 Efficiency 2, Mind Control Gallery, Toronto, CAN                             

                 String Gallery, Toronto, CAN

2003         Supernumerary, Fanny Larouche Artspace, Toronto, CAN                     

                 Efficiency, Mind Control Gallery, Toronto, CAN

2002         The Art of the Figure, O.C.A.D. Toronto, CAN                                               


2016 Dale and Nick Tedeschi Studio Arts Fellowship: Concordia. Montreal, CAN

2005 Aboveground Art Award: O.C.A.D. Toronto, CAN



2005           Drake Hotel, Toronto, CAN


Traum Noir #3-4. 2012.(Book)

Poiesis:A Journal of the Arts&Communication, Vol.13, 2011.(Magazine)

SSE Book:The End of the World. 2011.(Book)

Beautiful Decay-Book #3:The Underdogs. 2010.(Book)

Narwhal Art Projects Publication: A Cabinet of Blunders. 2010.(Book)

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